After readiig various articles about St. Paul’s Cemetery in Druid Hill Park on the web, I think it is time for an update.  There is no mincing of words, the old cemetery, first belonging to Second German Evangelical Lutheran Church, St. Paul’s, on Holliday and Saratoga Streets, had been left in a mess in the1950’s, and then attacked by vandals in the 1980’s.  For all the folks who wrote what a disgrace it was for a cemetery to be in such bad shape, please know every month for years and years, Martini Lutheran Church Council discussed the state of the cemetery.  We are a downtown church with a congregation of 100 or less on any given Sunday.  Our men are growing old and our young men have yet to catch the “cemetery fever”. But, just about all of us have taken a turn at pulling weeds, cutting grass, and trimming trees in the cemetery. Martini Lutheran Church, the sole church responsible for the care of the cemetery, is able to pay for regular grass cuttings, and a fortune has been paid to remove over 15 trees from the graveyard grounds.  Progress has been made, and the small German graveyard is looking lovely again. There is still work to be done.

The next time you go to the Zoo are in northeastern  part of town, come see the most restored Victorian cemetery. 

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