Meet the Staff

Martini Lutheran Staff

Rev. Elliott Robertson, Pastor

Call him ‘Pastor Elliott’ or ‘Pastor Robertson.’ He is ready to assist you in any spiritual way!

Church Office

 Monday thru Friday,  9:00 – 1:00

Cricket Hatton, Church Office Secretary

Cricket will be happy to assist you when you call Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.  On Thursdays Harriett Jackson or Belle Sparenberg will answer your call.

George Bresnick, Custodian

If it sparkles and is clean, it is because George helped us to have a good environment for worship and fellowship. George is also our faithful Sunday church van driver.

Church Council 2014-2015

President – Eddie Foster

Vice President – George Bresnick

 Secretary – Sally Banks

Treasurer – Elsie Kuenne

Lay Ministry – Louis Dixon

Evangelism – Robert Offer

Christian Education – Harry Reinhardt

Properties – Harriett Jackson

Youth – Ronnie Bresnick

Stewardship – Bettina Tebo

Bus Ministry – Wayne Rogall

At Large – Vacant




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