Living In His Name

Martini Lutheran Church has been serving the Baltimore City area for 150 years and counting. We’re constantly trying to find great ways to give back to our fellow man and show them the light of God. There’s no better treasure in life than the doing things for one another by the complete grace of God. Because, you know by believing in your faith, friends, family, community you design a great ecosystem of one body. That body which can then be made in God’s image and display to our fellow Congregation and Councils that we are doing our best everyday to ensure success as a family in God.

Rev. J. Thomas Foelbor, Vacancy Pastor

Cricket Hatton is the Church Office Secretary and she’ll be happy to assist you when you call.

President George Bresnick helps lead the Council, keep the Church clean for fellow-ship and is our faithful Sunday Church van driver.

Office Information

Mon—Fri: 9:00 AM — 1:00 PM
Cricket Hatton: Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri
Harriett Jackson or Belle Sparenberg: Thu

Church Council 2021


President — George Bresnick
Vice President — Matthew Banks
Secretary — Sally Banks
Treasurer — Elsie Kuenne


Lay Ministry — Kerry Meyer
Evangelism — Joann Offer
Christian Education — Harry Reinhardt
Properties — Harriett Jackson
Youth — Ronnie Bresnick
Stewardship — Bettina Tebo
Bus Ministry — Maggie Foster
At Large — Vacant

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